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Welcome to MindCraft Makerspace

MindCraft Makerspace is a digital fabrication lab developed as a collaborative studio space for creative and inventive endeavors.  Our combination of labs, workshop, and classrooms make it easy and fun for hands-on, “let’s make this” kind of learning. 

We offer classes, workshops, equipment rental and memberships in order to make all tools, equipment, and machinery accessible to our maker community.

​Want to know more?  Come check us out or take a tour, offered on Fridays and Saturdays between 2-6 pm.

Join us in the 4th Industrial Revolution. C’mon, make it happen!

We offer a space where you can:

  • Learn to use new fabrication technologies like 3D printers, laser cutters and vinyl cutters to create and make the world a better place
  • Collaborate with like-minded inventors and creatives who are passionate about their passions and can’t wait to share.
  • Think, design and build whatever you want. You are limited only by your ability to envision it.

What is a maker? You ARE!

  • If you are someone that is always thinking up great inventions (always a little too late) you could be a maker.
  • If you are someone that folds their junkmail into origami swans before depositing into the recycling bin, then you might be a maker.
  • If you are someone who goes into every cool retail store and tells your significant other, “Let’s not buy that, I think I can make it.” Then I’m thinking you could be a maker.

Humans do two things that make us unique from all other animals; we use tools and we tell stories. And when you make something, you’re doing both at once.” (Adam Savage)

We are proud of the Makerspace and Digital Fabrication Lab that we have created for you
to make anything you can dream up! We offer 2,300 sq. ft. of:

  • A retail space that offers unusual DIY toys and hobby materials
  • Two classrooms designed to offer some of the most unique classes in the Denver Metro area for makers of all ages
  • A state-of the art workshop that affords you all the space and equipment needed to invent, create, design, architect and build your wildest imagination

Our Equipment

Laser Lab:

  • Our Epilogue Fusion M2 60 watt is great for engraving and etching glass, metal, wood, acrylic, fabrics and leather.  See what you can do with this gal, here
  • Our Epilogue Zing 40 watt laser cutter is a great laser cutter for engraving and etching gla​​ss, acrylics, plastic, wood, metal, leather and more. This equipment is accessible to all members and available for rental fee for non-members.

Vinyl Lab:

  • US Cutter Titan 2 Vinyl Cutter
    Tshirts, vinyl signs for your walls or business and more. Lots of fun to use.
  • US Cutter Model SC Plotter
    Very much like the other US Cutter; there is so much you can do with these machines.
  • We also have a Klam shell heat press for tshirts and fabrics.

3D Printing Lab:

  • Partially responsible for the 4th Industrial Revolution
    • Currently we have five XYZ Davinci Minis
    • These are great little machines that will meet many of your printing needs, very reliable and easy to use. This is a great beginner 3D printer.
  • Maker Tool Works MendelMax 3
    • Large build volume with an included heated bed lets you print items that put other printers to shame.
    • Optional Dual Extruders to print multiple colors or materials in the same print. Unlike some printers, the full print area is accessible to both extruders.
    • Only high-quality components and materials used, guaranteeing reliable life and long service with minimal maintenance.
    • High speed two-start leadscrews greatly increase your vertical travel speeds.
  • Maker Tool Work​s Create
    • Wireless printing from any computer, tablet or smartphone with a web browser.
    • 5″ Color Touchscreen.
    • Massive build volume 250 x 315 x 250mm / 10 x 12.5 x 10″.
    • Optional Dual Extruders to print multiple colors or materials in the same print. You do not sacrifice build area when you add a second extruder.
    • Automatic bed leveling makes printing easy.
    • All metal v6 hot end extruder​

Sewing Lab:

  • 3 Brother Computer CS 6000i Computer
  • 2 Brother Lock 1034D 4-color Sergers
  • 1 Brother digitral embroidery & sewing machine SE 400
  • 2 Brother basic sewing machines

Variety of Workshop Tools:

  • Drill press
  • Sander machine and hand sanders
  • Soldering equipment
  • Dremels
  • Assorted drills, hammers, saws, gizmos & gadgets. Everything one needs to simply make.
  • Spindle Grinder

Check Our Calendar for Workshops & Events

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