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We strive to find the right teachers with the experiences necessary to help you learn how to create, make, invent, build, design and prototype. Join the growing maker movement. Learn to make, make to learn. Check our calendar regularly for new classes.


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Jr. Workshops

We strive to develop programming that will engage your child in unique, hands-on learning experiences opening their minds to the world of making, building, programming, creating, digital fabrication and manufacturing, entrepreneurship possibilities, leadership and the ever-evolving world of creative technologies

Our goal is to help kids move from being consumers to creators.  We promote making mistakes, taking things apart and putting them back together again in a way that makes sense for them.  We value a kids’ desire to reinvent the wheel. Our making experiences for kids will help them to develop as confident problem-solvers and creative thinkers.   We are focused on teaching 21st-century skills such as critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and perseverance through exciting learning experiences. Kids feel good about themselves when they are making: this is the time they can be the director of their time and energy and CEO of thought.  Set them free and allow them to create!

Kids, ages 10+ can become members to create in our workshop using equipment for engineering, making, printing, inventing, more.


On-Going Workshops

Friday Night Tinker Fun for ages 5-10

Every Friday from 6-8 pm one of our facilitators will lead your child through an exciting and creative tinkering adventure where they have fun and meet new friends.  Children love to tinker! They love to manipulate, explore, experiment and fiddle with things.  They want to make things do something else, something better, something amazing.  This is what Friday Night Tinker Fun is all about. Your child will get to experiment with magnets, rubber bands, circuits, batteries, and other creation gizmos and have so much fun while you are experiencing grown-up time and good food with your own friends right here at Stanley.  All materials included.

We call that a win-win for everyone!

$35 for drop off or reserve your spot for $30 for single pass.  Sibling discounts available.  Buy one pass get the sibling pass for 1/2 price ($15) (Use promo code Friday Night Tinker Sibling)

Buy 6 epass and get the 6th session free.  ($150)

Purchase a one-session ePass or a 6-session ePass here

Once you have your ePass, visit our calendar and sign up on the day of your choice.

Friday Night Open Tinker Lab
Ages 11-16  5:30 to 8:00

Sometimes kids want to build things or invent with their friends.  Youth in this open lab will have the opportunity to hang out with friends to invent, make, create, print or build.   Kids will have access to 3D printers (must have completed intro to 3D printing class), and workshop tools and technology.  We will have someone on staff to monitor use of equipment, answer questions they may have and guide them to the next step if stuck.  We provide materials for purchase such as motors, alligator clips, Arduino, Raspberry Pi.

Intro to 3D Printers-Fidget Spinner    
Ages 8-14                      
First Saturday of every month   10:00 am-12:00 pm                                                          

Open Tinker Lab                                          
Ages 11-14
Every Saturday: 9:30-11:30 am

In this 2-hour lab girls and boys will have access to a variety of tools and materials to construct, de-construct, design or redesign.

This is a self-directed tinkering exploration that will allow students to learn and use a variety of tools and techniques to design and create different projects.  Kids in this open tinker lab will have access to a variety of tools and materials to explore.  There will also be a facilitator on hand to guide them and support.

Emphasis on workshop safety, researching simple projects to make, proper use of a variety of tools and the ability to adapt materials required.  We have recycled used toys for parts, and other recycled materials free to use.

Students may purchase additional materials if desired like small motors, battery packs, alligator clips etc. in our retail.

Sewing Lab Saturdays
Begin to Sew                      
Ages 4 to 7  Limit 4             
Every Saturday         
9:00-10:00 am                                                                      

This class, is for the curious and creative mind of your rapidly developing child. In this class, your child will learn to wind a bobbin, thread the machine, and draw with stitches. This 60- min workshop is intended to teach your beginner sewer to follow lines, control the machine and trigger their interest in creating countless projects with fabric and thread.

All materials provided.

Kids Creative Sewing        
Ages 8-14                      
Limit 6                
Every Saturday                              
10:30-12:30 pm                                                                  

This open workshop is for kids who love to sew and want to learn more. Boys and girls will love this weekly sewing Lab. Students will create a different project each week, tote bags, personalized airplane pillows, plushies, and much more.

Through these weekly projects, students will be able to learn and use digital sewing machines, sergers, and digital embroidery machines. They will become very comfortable with machines, basic sewing skills, pattern-making, cutting, pinning, and decorative finishing.  Previous sewing experience recommended.

All materials included.

Beginning Sewing               
Ages 8-14                        
Limit 6              
Every Saturday                              
1:00-3:00  pm                                                                    

Does your child want to learn how to sew?

This weekly sewing Lab is for them.  They will learn everything they need to know to confidently use a sewing machine to create projects.  They will learn sewing machine basics, have a solid understanding of a sewing machine, how to wind a bobbin, thread a machine, follow a pattern, accurate fabric cutting, and sewing terminology. while making their own unique fabric projects.  All Materials included.

Intro to CAD/CAD Lab      
Ages 8-14                        
Limit 8              
Every Other Saturday                
12:30-2:00 pm

CAD stands for Computer Aided Design.  This type of software application is used for a variety of manufacturing or fabricating applications.  At MindCraft Makerspace, we use CAD to design for 3D printing, Vinyl Cutting or Laser Cutting.  Once a student becomes comfortable with designing using CAD they are able to operate 3D printers, our vinyl cutters or our Zing laser cutter.   We will be specifically focused on teaching Autodesk and Inkscape, but there are a variety of other programs that can be explored.

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