We like to think of our makerspace as an intellectual and creative playground. 

Joining as a member is like joining a gym for the mind and creative soul.

MindCraft Makerspace is a community of makers, engineers, inventors, artists, and deep-thinkers.  We believe in creative and collaborative designing and doing, an environment of open-sourced idea sharing, and makers who want to support and nurture others.  We embrace all makers of all ages and value the skills, thoughts, abilities and needs of everyone that walks through our doors.

Providing a space where everyone feels they have the equipment and resources needed to create in a fun and sharing atmosphere is what we strive to achieve.

Members under the age of 14 will not be allowed to operate certain equipment in the makerspace without direct adult supervision.  These include:  Epilogue Fusion laser cutter, any saws, drill press, Maker Tool Works 3D printers.

Join Us.  Make It Happen!

Types of Memberships and Making Opportunities

We offer a variety of memberships to meet your unique needs.

Please view Membership Flyer to view the different packages available and their benefits.

Drop-In Day Pass-The drop-in day pass is for those who simply have a job they need to get done.  To use our workshop for the day, you must have had a workshop orientation and training in all equipment you wish to use.   Drop-in day pass is for individual only.  $25 single session-standard hours of operation.

We recommend you make an appointment for a workshop orientation in advance.

Orientations are available upon reservation 5-9 pm Tuesday-Saturday

Punch cards available for daily passes:

  • 4-pass $90
  • 6-pass $130
  • 10-pass $210

All users of makerspace must be prechecked out on equipment before they are able to use the space independently

Individual Membership – The individual membership allows you to use the workshop seven days per week during standard hours of operation.  See hours table.

$75 per month

Please refer to membership flyer to see all options available with this membership

Pro-Membership – A pro-membership is designed with those in mind who possibly make a living from making, have extended time for creating building, printing, developing prototypes, or other.  This membership allows for extended time for utilizing workshop.   See hours table.

$115 per month

Family Membership – A family that makes together, stays together.  This membership allows access to workshop and equipment for every member of your family. (All makers under age of 10 must be supervised by parent in workshop always)

$125 per month

Prices do not include cost of materials.  Member add-ons must pay set up fee and share any free member equipment hours with the associated member.  Member add on fee $40 per month.  Free membership equipment hours renew each month (no roll-over of hours) One-month free rent when you pay one year in advance.  A 15% discount will be applied for 6-month commitment and 10% discount will be applied for 3-month commitment.  Monthly Memberships automatically renew unless we receive a 7-day advance-notice of cancellation.  Members and non-members alike must complete a basic class or pass a test given by one of our makerspace facilitators to use equipment on their own.  All members and non-members will sign agreement to makerspace terms and conditions before or on first visit.  Memberships are non-refundable.  All members will receive a Membership card and must use this to check into makerspace.  Monthly Membership Freeze (max 6 months) available for fee of $25 to avoid re-set up fees.  Members may sign up for laser cutter for up to two hours in advance.

Students, Seniors (60+) Vets, Teachers-Discounted individual memberships-Standard hours of operation

$60 per month


Laser Cutter Lab

Epilogue Fusion 60 Watt: Equipment rental for non-members $10 per ½ hour

Epilogue Zing 40 Watt: Equipment rental for non-members $10 per ½ hour

Vinyl Cutter Lab                                      

US Cutter Titan 2: Equipment rental for non-members $15 per hour

3D Printing Lab

Equipment rental for non-members $10 per hour

Maker Tool Works Mendelmax

Maker Tool Works Create

Maker Tools Works MiniMax

4 XYZ Davinci Minis

2 Printrbots

Sewing Lab

Equipment rental for non-members $8 per hour

Brother   CS-6000i


Embroidery and Digital Sewing

Workshop Equipment

Workshop space for non-members $25 per day

Dremels (subject to standard workshop days and hours)

Soldering Stations

Scroll Saw

Drill Press

Cut-off Saw

Cordless Circular Saw

Various and Assorted Hand Tools

Lap top computers (when available)

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